StrataMax Integrated Modules

The StrataMax Difference

There is no other strata software solution available that provides the innovation, and sheer breadth of features and benefits that StrataMax software provides. Nor do you have to buy any additional add-on. All you need to streamline strata management within your business comes in one integrated package.

StrataMax software is unsurpassed when it comes to the range of features and benefits that it offers you as a Strata Manager through the nine integrated modules described below. This is the reason why so many well-known and respected strata managers are users of StrataMax.

Detailed Fact Sheets are available covering each of these modules. To request these simply contact us.

StrataMax Integrated Modules


BCMax - Community Management Software

BCMax is the core of the StrataMax suite. It provides the majority of the functionality required to manage and administer strata plans and works hand in hand with the other StrataMax modules to fully automate all of your office processes. Amongst the many tasks it manages are: Levy/Arrears Management, Contact Management, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Financial Reporting. 

Company Accounting - GLMax 

Complementing the BCMax community management system, GLMax is designed for the management of company accounts.  It is fully integrated with BCMax for the management of debtors which is what sets it apart from other accounting systems. This provides massive efficiencies around the processing and posting of management fees across a manager’s portfolio.
Core functionality mimics many of the features in BCMax with regards to accounts payable/receivable and debtor management. This provides consistency in operation across both the internal accounts and the body corporate's.

Online Invoice Approval

Invoice handling is one of the largest areas of work in any strata manager’s office – draining time and resources. The Invoice Hub is a true breakthrough, greatly streamlining the time consuming task of managing externally approved invoices.The Invoice Hub gives committee members and other invoice approvers the ability and freedom to review, approve or query invoices online – and convenient 24 hours a day access to do this. Nobody has to play phone tag over an item, and a friendly easy-to-use interface simplifies usage.

StrataMax Online Owners Portal 

The Online Owners Portal is designed to both increase the service experience for owners and committee members as well as reduce the overhead of incoming queries and requests. This is achieved by providing an easy place for owners to self-service their day-to-day needs and gain access to a large range of information and reports relating to their strata plan. Strata managers have the ability to customise not only the appearance of the site but also the content presented to make it as relevant as possible. 
This type of portal can only be a viable extension of a Strata Manager’s service if it is able to automate the arduous task of uploading, updating and managing the content.  Therefore all of the core data and documents associated with this are uploaded daily without any additional overhead for the manager.

Document Management - DocMax

DocMax is a perfect companion to BCMax because it provides managers with a centralised system for all records and documents that flow through a Strata Manager’s office. DocMax is unique in its tight integration with the entire system, which means that you can store documents as part of your usual process workflow rather than having to file and archive separately. Tasks such as linking invoices to transaction items or uploading to the owners portal with a simple check box saves you valuable time on both storage and retrieval of information.

Work Order Management - TaskMax

TaskMax is a work order management system that assists in managing the property maintenance tasks required for buildings. From quoting to paying invoices, this module provides transparency and gives a clear trail of any job. Automation of tasks like emailing the successful creditor and automatically rejecting others reduces the administration involved around managing work jobs.

Cost Recoveries - TRMax

The TRMax cost recovery module can provide a direct impact on profitability by increasing revenue and reducing costs in recording internal expenses efficiently and effectively. Even with buildings that are under a fixed disbursement fee arrangement, TRMax can be a powerful tool in verifying charges and ensuring fee structures are appropriate.

Electronic Banking - EBMax 

EBMax is a powerful tool to manage the daily banking process. Covering all areas from downloading and processing the data through to processing investment account data, and reconciliation, the functionality allows the process to run smoothly and effectively.

Unified Communications - MaxComm 

The MaxComm module provides the tools to communicate with owners and other contacts easily and professionally directly from the community management system. MaxComm provides a central log of all outgoing communications from the system making it a single place to check what’s been generated out of the system.

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The StrataMax solution is comprehensive enough that I don’t have to worry about engaging other providers to fill in efficiency gaps in the office. Whether it’s our own company accounting, document archiving or even quote and work order management, StrataMax covers it all”.  

Kerri Anthon, Director/Owner, Body Corporate Systems