Comprehensive Strata Software

The Most Comprehensive Strata Software Solution Available

There is a reason more strata managers are moving to StrataMax and staying – no other solution provides the breadth of features and benefits StrataMax provides. 

At StrataMax we seek to automate repetitive time-consuming tasks by continually introducing innovative features that revolutionise and streamline the complex process of managing and maintaining strata title buildings, bodies corporate or owners corporations. 

Features of the StrataMax software include:

Invoice Hub 

Provides the ability for committee members or building managers to approve invoices online. Comprehensive workflow management for invoice processing.

Fully Customisable Owners Portal

This can be themed in the same branding as your building or company to match your visual identity. The portal provides access for reports, payments and more.

Scheduled Arrears Process

This feature automatically issues notices/letters based on an individual's circumstances. Automatic billing of arrears and notation on owner’s account.

Automatic Certificate Generation

Provides facility for owners to download certificates via the Owner Portal with an automated online payment system.

Automated Recoveries and Management Fees

Includes a wide variety of chargeable items and billable hours. Charges directly to the integrated company accounting package.

Fully Integrated Document Management System

Provides easy access to all strata related documents from directly within the software as well as automated posting to web.

Electronic Lodgement of BAS Statements

Offers GST setup in either gross or nett style, and includes comprehensive quarterly BAS reporting.

Advanced Work Order Management System

Includes automatic fax/email quotes, orders, confirmations and rejections.

Sophisticated Key Register 

Manage all keys, record deposit amounts, issue receipts and track key allocations.

Owner Configurable Email/Mailing Preferences

Designed for automated delivery of levy notices and correspondence administered via the Owner Portal.

StrataMax software gives you nine integrated modules to make your job easier and more cost efficient.

StrataMax 9 modules

The nine modules stem from the core community management system BCMax and include work order management, document management, cost recoveries, company accounting, communications, electronic banking, online invoice approval and the facility for an online portal. Together they offer more breadth and depth of managing strata communities than any other software available today.

These nine modules coupled with StrataCash - automated banking and StrataPay - levy collection, ensure you are totally covered. 

Check out an overview of each of  the 9 integrated modules.