Your Questions Answered

  • What does StrataMax offer?
    There are nine integrated modules available through StrataMax which cover every conceivable process needed in a strata office. Years of continual research and development ensure the software is up-to-date as the requirements of a strata office change. See the nine modules here.  
  • Can I see how the software works?
    Yes, we can organise a demonstration. Just contact our office and we can organise this for you. Contact Us.
  • How much does it cost?

    There are several packages available to suit the varying requirements of a strata office. Contact our office today to see what your options are.

  • How long does it take to set-up?
    This will depend on the size of your portfolio and the system you are currently using to manage your office. We can talk through this with you once we understand your needs and give you an indication of time needed.
  • What about training my staff?
    We have a fully qualified and enthusiastic training team who will help you with your initial training when starting to use StrataMax and continue to offer you education through monthly online training sessions as well as the training materials available online for your use at any time. At StrataMax we want to ensure you are gaining the most from the software therefore training is ongoing and not a one-off experience.
  • My lot owners want to be able to access information online with regards to their lot. Do you offer this function?
    Yes, the Online Owners Portal is available for this purpose. It has proven to increase the service experience for owners and committee members as well as reduce the overhead of incoming queries and requests. You can learn more about the StrataMax Online Owners Portal here. 
  • Who else uses StrataMax?
    StrataMax is currently used to manage over half a million lots throughout Australia. The longest standing client has been with StrataMax for 25 years. Once people start using the program, there is no need to look elsewhere.
    We are happy to supply you with a list of clients you can call to talk about their experiences with StrataMax, so just give us a call on 1800 65 63 68.
  • Are there minimum lot requirements for a strata community to use StrataMax?
    StrataMax is used by companies of all sizes, from start-ups to managers with tens of thousands of lots under management.
  • What support can I expect from StrataMax?
    A large support team is available to help you with your enquiries. When you start using StrataMax, we are here to help for the life of using the software. See more about the support team here. 
  • Is StrataMax available in all states?
    Yes, StrataMax is available in all states of Australia.