Owners information about StrataMax

Why strata living is made so much simpler for you with StrataMax...

Whether you live in a strata building or own an investment property in one, it’s only natural to have a keen interest in how various matters are being handled on your behalf. In the past the channels of communication between  owners, onsite building managers and strata managers could sometimes be slow or hampered by snail mail or by everyone playing phone tag. StrataMax has the answers becoming the number one management tool chosen by professional strata managers and owners alike.

What exactly is StrataMax?

StrataMax is an extensive system which records, correlates and processes the information and transactions needed to run and maintain your building. With some buildings being jointly owned by up to a hundred or more different people or parties, StrataMax streamlines this management process simplifying life for everyone concerned.

What information can I easily access online?

This may vary from building to building, but the information that you can typically access includes:
>  A record of levies. Find out instantly what you have paid to date and when levies are next due.
>  Financial Statements. Want to know what expenditure has been made and on what? Like to know how much is being held for future maintenance or repairs? You’ll find it all at your fingertips.
>  Committee and Meeting  Reports. Review matters tabled, issues currently under consideration, and decisions made.
>  Insurance Coverage. What protection do you have? Is the building covered, for example, for flood damage?
>  Understanding the By-laws. Uncertain as to what regulations apply so everyone can live happily together in the same building? Can guests, for example, freely use facilities like the pool? Check it out any time of day or night, if in doubt.

"We love StrataMax because it provides an online resource that lets us check up on what’s happening with our building and levies." 

100% Secure

Each owner has their own ID and password that controls and determines online accessibility. Owners are not able to view the details of other owners.

An innovative resource provided by your strata manager.

Adopting StrataMax is a sure sign that your strata manager has your best interests at heart. StrataMax is the market leader in strata software and services, constantly looking at new ways to help your strata manager maximise efficiency and provide a higher level of service.  
Already have a log in and password from  your manager? Click here to log into the portal.

The StrataMax Invoice Hub.

Whether you're a committee member or a building manager it's only natural that you would like to reduce the time you spend on paperwork related to the maintenance and upkeep of a building - especially the time reviewing and authorising all invoices.
The fastest and most efficient way to handle them is.....the StrataMax Invoice Hub.