The Vision for the Future

Looking to the Future

The vision of StrataMax has been to revolutionise strata management through the use of cutting-edge software. The purpose was to not only addresses the needs of the industry but take it to an extra level of sophistication. Through a process of continual improvement, passion and improved technology, StrataMax has ensured superior solutions for the strata management industry today and into the future.  

History of StrataMax 

StrataMax was founded in 1992 on the Gold Coast in Queensland under the MaxSoft Group. The founder, Michael Borin made it his mission to automate every conceivable task within a Strata Managers office and eliminate wherever possible the requirement for manual tasks, excel spread sheets and other non-integrated third party software. The group has now grown to be a market leader in strata management software, with expansion into every state in Australia. The group is owned and operated by the Borin family and is now run as a second generation family business.
In 2002, the company launched StrataPay as a separate company, holding an Australian Financial Services Licence. StrataPay revolutionised the management of issuing and collecting levies and other fees for Strata Managers and has continued to innovate with the widest range of payment channels available industry wide.
In addition to this, StrataMax recognised that the strata sector ideally needed bank accounts with special features that regular accounts could not offer. BOQ StrataCash Management accounts were developed by BOQ in conjunction with StrataCash Management to meet the specific requirements of lot owners and strata managers alike. StrataCash Management which is also under the MaxSoft Group was launched in 2008 and holds a separate Australian Financial Services Licence.

A Vision for the Future of Strata 

The vision for the company is more than streamlining strata management today but looking at where technology will take the industry in the future. Staying ahead of the game is important to continue to offer clients innovative and viable solutions. 
Introducing - The Strata Eco System
In the Strata Eco System, owners, strata managers, building managers, and suppliers all interact seamlessly – whether it be the flow of funds throughout the system or the flow of communication involved in administering and managing strata.
StrataMax invests significant resources annually for research and development. R & D work occurs over a broad range of short and long term projects to ensure that the company delivers on this vision to its clients.

The Borin Family 

Many of StrataMax's clients have been with them for over ten years which is testament to the exceptional service and the solutions which are provided. With a strong 28 year history and as a second generation family business strata managers have a sense of trust and comfort knowing the ethos by which the business operates.

Michael Borin - Chairman and Founder

Michael BorinMichael Borin’s unique entrepreneurial background in finance, property and programming inspired the birth of MaxSoft over 25 years ago. Having moved to the Gold Coast during the first big strata boom, he identified an industry that was severely under invested from an IT perspective and that had an immense administrative burden. Starting with a select few initial clients, Michael applied his knowledge of modern programming with his vast business experience to revolutionise the operation of strata offices. Quickly the company created a dominant presence in Queensland and expanded into other states. Michael went on to successfully launch two complementary financial services businesses, StrataPay Pty Ltd and StrataCash Management Pty Ltd.

"I’m proud to have handed over the reins of the company to my two sons who each bring something unique to the business. The next revolution is already underway – stay tuned.”

Dorian Borin - Managing Director

Dorian BorinWith a highly successful career in programming and management, Dorian Borin has stepped effectively into the role of Managing Director of the group and has been instrumental in driving continued growth in the business. Dorian has led an extremely accomplished career receiving accolades and awards at every step. From his early awards at University as the Best Final Year Applied Science Student through to winning the Australian Regional ACM Programming competition, it was clear that Dorian possessed a unique raw talent in developing software. Dorian quickly progressed through the ranks in each company he worked until he reached the then pinnacle of his career as the Director of Software Solutions, Asia Pacific for Sun Microsystems. 

“Technology is merely a means to an end. Ultimately we all want to live meaningful lives and that means spending more time on things that matter – whether you are trying to automate a process at work or just stay in touch with loved ones at home.”

Daniel Borin - Director Sales, Marketing and Training

Daniel BorinFollowing in the footsteps of his father and brother, Daniel Borin has achieved outstanding success in his own right and is an asset to the Borin team. Daniel's wide experience and dynamic background include successful entrepreneurial ventures in Hong Kong, China and the Philippines. Before pursuing these opportunities overseas, Daniel worked in IT sales and consulting for well-known companies such as Hewlett Packard and EMC here in Australia. Daniel has been invited to present in English, Mandarin and Cantonese across a broad range of media and technology forums over the years. In 2009 he returned to Australia to take up the role of Group Sales, Marketing and Training Director for StrataMax.

I enjoy hitting the road and understanding the individual needs of our clients across Australia. I am in a privileged position to be able to both spend time with and solicit ideas from some of the greatest minds in the strata Industry.”

We’ve been a customer of StrataMax now for over 20 years and I can honestly say they’ve always kept ahead of the technology curve. I would also say they are very close to the mark with predicting trends in both office processes and owner interaction. Features they released over 10 years ago are only now becoming common place in Strata companies across Australia.  

David Yeates, Director, Australian Unit Administration