StrataMax Security

Your Security is Our Priority

At StrataMax, we understand that the security of your strata management data is paramount. That's why we've implemented stringent security measures that align with the highest international standards. Our goal is to ensure that your information is always protected and safe.

Security Standards

StrataMax aligns with ISO/IEC 27001, SOC2, and PCIDSS Level 1 standards. These globally recognised standards ensure that we have robust security controls in place to protect your information. By adhering to these standards, we demonstrate our commitment to security, confidentiality, and the highest level of data protection.

Our Security Measures

We've put in place a comprehensive set of security measures, including:

  • Maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all information assets.
  • Protecting information against unauthorised access.
  • Ensuring information will not be disclosed to unauthorized parties.
  • Documenting the allocation of information security roles and responsibilities.
  • Providing information security education and training to all our employees and relevant third-party employees.
  • Safeguarding our network from malicious software and other attacks.
  • Protecting our premises from unauthorised access.
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory, legislative, and contractual requirements.
  • Maintaining the integrity of information by protecting it from unauthorised modification.
  • Reporting, investigating, and logging all suspected breaches of information security.
  • Maintaining, reviewing, and testing our business continuity plans.
  • Continuously improving our Information Security Management System.

Request More Information

If you'd like to learn more about our commitment to security, please fill out the form below to request our Client Security Statement.

Alert - June 2023: Phishing Scams

We are currently alerting our customers to a recent phishing scam that involves deceptive SMS messages. These messages falsely request immediate payment, often stating "Your waste disposal fee is overdue, please dispose of it immediately or you will be fined," or "You have an unpaid invoice that is overdue, please process immediately or you will be fined."

StrataMax never sends payment requests or action links via SMS. All legitimate payment instructions for Levy Notices, Fee Notices, and Invoices will direct you to or (for direct debits only). We urge all users to remain vigilant, scrutinise the source of all messages, and be particularly cautious of any unexpected payment requests. If in doubt, always log into the official StrataMax portal. For more information on this please refer our alert page here.