Phishing Scams

StrataMax Security: Protecting Your Information

At StrataMax, we prioritise the security and privacy of your information. Our security practices align with the industry's highest standards, demonstrated by our unblemished 30-year history of no data breaches. We encourage all users to remain vigilant and carefully scrutinise any unexpected or unusual communications, particularly those requesting immediate payment.

Important Security Alert: June 2023 Phishing Scam Notice

In June 2023, we alerted our clients to a specific phishing scam. It's important to note that this phishing scam is not connected to any breach of data security at StrataMax.

Apart from the two customers who initially reported this scam, we received inquiries from individuals with no connection to strata, confirming that the phishing attempts were wide-ranging and not specifically targeted at our clients or strata unit owners.


Q: Has there been a data breach at StrataMax? A: No, there has not been any data breach at StrataMax. The phishing scam we've alerted you to is unrelated to our data security.

Q: Why would one of my owners have received this scam? A: Phishers often employ a scattergun approach, sending out many messages in the hope that a few recipients will respond. They often do not know the specifics of the individuals they are targeting, such as whether they are strata owners.

Q: How would the hackers have gotten the mobile number for the phishing scam? A: Phishers often obtain contact details through various methods, which could include data leaks from other organisations, purchases from unscrupulous data brokers, or even random generation of numbers.

Q: What should I do if I receive a suspicious SMS or email? A: If you receive a suspicious message, do not click on any links or provide any personal information. Instead, reach out to us directly or log into the official StrataMax portal for any account-related actions. Report the phishing attempt to us so we can investigate and inform other clients.

Q: How can I learn more about StrataMax's security measures? A: For more detailed information about our security measures, please Google "StrataMax security" and visit our dedicated security page.