Respect at StrataMax and the MaxSoft Group

At StrataMax and the entire MaxSoft Group, respect is more than a word - it's the principle that underlies our interactions and decisions. We recognise that respect forms the cornerstone of productive partnerships and a harmonious work environment. It also extends to our clients and owners in the strata sector, as we believe that they, too, should feel valued, heard, and respected.

Our Dedication to Respect

Our deep-rooted commitment to respect manifests in various ways throughout our organisation. Whether it's through our services, our internal practices, or our partnerships, we strive to foster a culture where respect is paramount. This dedication influences our business decisions, leading to stronger and more fruitful relationships with our team members, partners, and clients.

The Respect Pledge

As part of our commitment to promoting respect, MaxSoft has adopted the Strata Community Association's (SCA) Respect Pledge. This pledge is an industry initiative aimed at fostering respectful, harmonious community living and working environments within the strata sector. By embodying the principles of the pledge in our daily operations, we aim to uphold a standard of respect that transcends our organization, influencing the wider strata community.

Our Journey With The Pledge

The Respect Pledge is more than a signed document - it's a promise that we live by each day. We believe in leading by example, and our adoption of the pledge reflects this conviction. As we continue on this journey, we encourage other organisations in the strata sector to stand with us in making respect a priority.

Take the Pledge

We invite all businesses and bodies corporate in the strata sector to embrace the Respect Pledge. Together, we can foster a more respectful, harmonious strata sector, benefiting everyone involved.

We proudly display our official Strata Respect Commitment Certificate from the SCA s a symbol of our dedication to promoting respect.

To find out more about the Respect Pledge visit the SCA's website.