Technology Leadership

Leadership for the Future

Computer technology and software continues to transform all industries to work more efficiently, and the strata community is no exception. StrataMax have taken a pivotal role in shaping the future of strata over their 25 years of software development. Apart from the continual research and development, they also rely on the greater network of managers, owners, committees, suppliers, legislators and other industry bodies to keep them abreast of change and collectively define the vision for the future.

National Technology Partner for Strata Community Australia

SCA National Technology PartnerStrataMax's involvement with Strata Community Australia on both a National level as Technology Partner and a local level with the individual state chapters is a key element of this network and also an opportunity to share experience and knowledge with the industry. Over the 25 years of StrataMax history, they have continually delivered innovation in the technology space with many industry firsts. This is maintained through an ongoing commitment in research and development of over one million dollars a year and the collective talents of 50+ staff who are immersed in strata. These are just some of the reasons that StrataMax has become the SCA’s National Technology Partner.

"We welcome StrataMax as the National Technology Partner based on their ongoing commitment to advancing the strata sector. The industry benefits greatly from being able to leverage their knowledge and experience in an area (technology) this is increasingly central to the future of strata living - Strata Community Australia." 

Strata Community Australia