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Back-Up Issues for Strata Managers

October 2013

Back-Up Issues for Strata Managers

We all know the importance of backing up our systems, whether it’s desktops, laptops or servers. What’s interesting however and of major concern, is how few of us can actually recover our data if we need to.

Backing Up is Low Priority – Busting the Myth
Backing up seems boring and often takes a back seat to more pressing issues.  We understand that, but just think about the potential impact of losing your body corporate / strata managers, owner’s corporation or buildings’ data. Not to mention the added possibility of incurring government penalties as well.

Recently we have seen the emergence of services focusing on fully managed backup solutions to mitigate this silent -but-deadly risk.  These solutions provide a fully automated system that ensures your data is secure.  They regularly test that your backups are indeed recoverable and you have full visibility and transparency to validate your operations at any time. This automated process offers you peace of mind that your data is secure and allows you to focus on business.

Real-Time Recovery – Time is of the Essence
There’s a new buzz-word in the backup market – real-time recovery. This refers to the recoverability of data. To be able to recover, you require a reliable backup, so a true real-time recovery solution should be ultra-reliable, easy to use, and affordable and most importantly have fast recoverability. In fact data and databases such as Exchange, SQL, SharePoint or strata specific solutions such as StrataMax, can be protected as frequently as every 15 minutes ensuring that minimal data is lost after a problem or crash. 

Files and folders can be restored in literally seconds, and even entire laptops or servers can be restored in minutes - not hours or days - to any available 15 minute recovery point. This gives you peace of mind and total confidence that your data is being protected.

Let’s not ‘Cloud’ the Issue…
By using the ‘cloud’ combined with the latest in real-time recovery an off-site backup solution can be implemented, simply and cost effectively, totally eliminating the need for changing either tape media or hard disks. Up until now this level of business continuity was only available to large enterprises but is now readily available to small businesses.

What a Disaster
Recent events such as the Queensland floods, NSW bushfires and the Christchurch earthquake are a timely reminder to us all that disasters can and do happen. This level of security would have been hugely beneficial to many strata managers in dealing with these scenarios to safeguard the loss of data and theft of core equipment.  

Disaster Facts
Recent research from StollzNow Research, Kroll Ontrack & IDG reports that 49 percent of businesses reported data loss in the last two years and the same number of small businesses do not backup their businesses on a daily basis.  That’s almost half of all businesses. The same research also reported that 78 percent of all data loss was attributable to hardware failure and/or human error.

Conclusion – Backing up to Basics
It’s clear that backing up is vital to every strata management business.  Your data is precious so it makes sense to invest in expert advice and implement real-time recovery procedures to ensure your business is safe and protected. Computer Maintenance Australia (CMA) is a company that specialises in this area. Contact them to learn more about how you can implement a reliable backup solution.
Information in this article was supplied by Computer Maintenance Australia (CMA) CMA work with leading vendors and specifically in the real-time recovery solutions to deliver an exceptionally cost effective, rock solid and easy to use solution. Click here to find out more about how CMA can help you with your backup solution. 

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Thursday, November 7, 2013