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Innovation in Communication

July 2013

Innovation in Communication

In 1995 there were 16 million internet users in the world - in 2013 it is 2,749 million users.  Having access to information at our finger-tips is becoming common practice and an essential tool for both business and everyday life.

Strata Managers have typically communicated with building managers, committee members and owners through traditional means of fax, email and telephone. This has been time consuming for managers who frequently reply to requests and having to retrieve the information and send it. StrataMax recognised the need to streamline the communication process and developed the StrataMax Online Portal.


The portal gives stakeholders online access to essential information 24 hours a day which is up-to-date and relevant. The functionality includes sophisticated technology where reports are automatically uploaded taking the onus off the strata managers to maintain the portal plus taking away any need for owners to contact a management office directly for information.

Over a 12 month period there has been 71 thousand visits to the portal and over 500 thousand pages viewed with the average visitor staying for more than six minutes. The growth in traffic to the portal has been in excess of 150% per year plus those accessing the portal through tablets have grown by over 300% per year. These figures reflect the increased uptake of digital technology in our society and also the younger generation who are now moving through as owners and strata managers. 

The portal solves many of the challenges a strata managers may face when communicating with stakeholders or even contemplating developing such a sophisticated communication tool themselves. The portal can be customised to the colours and branding of the managers brand or website, specific management needs can be accommodated by adding or deleting pages or information, different enquiry forms can be created to direct enquiries to specific people in the management group, reports and documents can be uploaded ie agendas, Minutes of Meetings or Currency Certificates, fees can be charged to access reports where required, plus access levels can be set to distinguish which groups can see what information ie owners or committee members.

To support this innovation StrataMax have also introduced a streamlined and digital-based invoice approval system. Invoice handling is one of the largest areas of a work in any strata manager’s office – draining time and resources. The Invoice Hub is a true breakthrough, greatly streamlining the time consuming task of managing externally approved invoices.

The Hub provides this by giving committee members and other invoice approvers the ability and freedom to review, approve or query invoices online - and convenient 24 hours a day access to do this. Nobody has to play phone tag over an item, and a friendly easy-to-use interface simplifies usage.  

These innovative tools meet the needs of the strata management industry where transparency of business is essential, the various stakeholders demand instant access to information and use is simple.

By Daniel Borin: Group Sales Manager - StrataMax

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Thursday, August 15, 2013