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Introducing the StrataMax Invoice Hub

January 2013

Introducing the StrataMax Invoice Hub

Invoice handling is one of the largest areas of work in any strata manager’s office, draining time and resources.  The disturbing fact is that invoices which need external approvals from building managers or committee members may require anywhere from 13 to 20 touch points end to end! This equates to approximately 10 to 20 minutes per invoice for the whole process through to completion.

The Invoice Hub developed by StrataMax, the market leader in strata management solutions, is a real breakthrough.  It automates most of the intermediary steps in the movement of invoices between internal and external parties. This can cut the time and number of steps involved in half.

Furthermore, nobody has to play phone tag over an item. Building managers and committee members have the freedom to authorise invoices anytime anywhere because the process can all conveniently be done online.

The Invoice Hub provides better transparency over payment, allows an easy-to-track invoice approval history, and users can query invoices and track responses in a very simple fashion. Managers can assign agreed limits for authorisation. Users can view scanned invoices with a simple click. Invoiced items are queued for automated payment process upon full authorisation by all parties.

The systems also safeguards against double payment of invoices – and more!

Just as importantly, a friendly easy-to-use interface simplifies usage of this new feature. In short, StrataMax continues to make life easier for strata management.

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