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A Great Place to Work

Congratulations John Willmott - 21 years at MaxSoft

A Great Place to Work

There are some companies where employees just don’t want to leave due to the great culture, the challenging work, the encouraging management, the continuing growth and the positive company reputation – MaxSoft is one of those companies. Currently employing 55 full-time staff under its four main brands, StrataMax, StrataPay, StrataCash and StrataLoans, MaxSoft takes pride in its high staff retention rate and the positive work culture all staff enjoy.

John WillmottJohn Wilmott

Testament to this is John Wilmott who is celebrating 21 years with MaxSoft. Initially employed as an IT technician and now a programmer, John has seen the change and growth of MaxSoft over the past two decades. Even 21 years on, John is still amazed at how rapidly technology is changing on a daily basis and is excited about what the future will bring.

Initially starting his career as an electrician, John had a fascination for computing and would spend his spare time at the local computer shop doing basic programming and repair work (this was a time when computing was pretty new). It was in this store one day that he met MaxSoft Founding Director, Michael Borin and as they say, the rest is history. John became the second employee of MaxSoft and has seen the growth of the business from one client to now hundreds. Interesting to note, that first client is still with MaxSoft today.

Highlights of John's Career

So what are some of the highlights of John’s time at MaxSoft? The growth of the business and the inclusion of Michael’s two sons Dorian and Daniel have ensured development has stayed dynamic and filled the needs of the industry it serves. This growth has been phenomenal and being a part of this journey has been a great ride. For John, working for a family-owned business has been a highlight and he sees the Borin family as his own extended family.

21 Years at MaxSoft

21 years at MaxSoft has definitely been a memorable part of John’s career and one he will eventually take to his retirement, although we can’t see him leaving anytime soon. He is having too much fun and continues to enjoy the challenges of technology with the same enthusiasm he did twenty-one years ago.     

We asked John to share with us the three key things that have kept him loyal to MaxSoft all these years and here’s what he had to say –

“MaxSoft have looked after me over the years and I have definitely felt I have been an asset to the business and part of the MaxSoft family”.

“My job has continued to be diverse and challenging. Starting as an IT Technician I now take on the role as building maintenance as well as programming which keeps my days busy and interesting”.

“Being a part of such a positive culture at MaxSoft, I have made many good friends both within the company and the industry. I feel privileged and proud to say I work at MaxSoft”.

Congratulations John on 21 years at MaxSoft. 

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Friday, June 24, 2016