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Loving Your Job

StrataMax Staff

Loving Your Job

Staff at StrataMax celebrated this week as employees were recognised for their years of service with the group. Beginning with one employee in 1992, numbers have grown to 51 staff who work within the various brands. Forty-three awards were presented to those who had achieved, 5 years, 10 years, 15 years and there was even one award for 20 years! A massive 70% of staff have been with the group for over five years.

This definitely outweighs the Australian average for work tenure of 3 years and 4 months. (*McCrindle Research 2014).


Research has shown that we currently live in an era where job opportunity matters more than job security. Where our fathers would stay in the same job for their entire working lives to guarantee a pay cheque at the end of each week, today’s trend is more towards flexibility and mobility rather than stability and loyalty. Today’s employers can no longer rely on salary and security to keep employees. They need to create an environment where employees are challenged, experience change and are recognised for their efforts.

McCrindle identified that meaning, challenges, diversity, relationships and advancement opportunities are key engagement triggers in the current employment environment. (McCrindle 2014)

So why does StrataMax have such a good retention rate of their employees? The best way to find out was to ask the employees themselves. This is what they had to say.

What the staff have to say

“I was quite young when I started at StrataMax and now 10 years on, I can thank the Directors and Managers for the skills I have learnt and the advancement I have been able to make to now have a senior role in Support. I have completed my Cert IV in Business Management in this time which provided me with extra skills I may not have learnt on the job and given me a formal qualification. This industry is so challenging and diverse, I really gain enormous job satisfaction being a part of this team.”

Lana – Support

“I believe loyalty and shared respect plays a major part in my reason for being at StrataPay for 13 years. The Directors took a chance on me and have guided and supported my transition from learner to highly skilled operator. I also feel there is continued growth in this industry so can be assured my job is secure but also that the environment is changing, creating new challenges every day.”

Paul – Operations

“Our opinions and ideas are always included in development initiatives so we have an active role in the growth of the company. Our ideas are respected and we are called on to work collaboratively with teams to develop the best solutions for our end-users. Being a niche company, all staff are respected for their input and are valued.”

Samantha – Operations

 “Staff are looked after and feel safe and secure. They have a voice and feel they are respected and valued. The core values of collaboration, professionalism, passion, creativity and service excellence are core to the culture and recognised on a daily basis. This is genuine recognition which encourages all staff to exceed the expectations of their jobs.”

Peter – Training

“Twenty years in one company does seem a long time but I have seen enormous change in this time so my work as a software developer has continued to be varied and challenging. Being a family-owned business I can truly say I feel a part of the family. Like a family you stick up for each other and look after one another. I probably should be looking at retirement but being here keeps me young in heart and in spirit. From the Directors, through to Managers and team members, our family is special.”

John – Development

“Working in IT can take many forms from developing new programs to maintaining current software. I have been fortunate to be involved in new development, providing me with new challenges every day. Having the satisfaction of knowing you are developing innovative programs which will be appreciated by thousands of end-users is extremely satisfying. Having a flat-line management structure also often sees the Managing Director working directly with you to create solutions - valuing your expertise and opinions. Having an inclusive environment where all staff are treated with respect and worth is pretty impressive.”

Jonathan – Development

“It is hard to believe I have been here 16 years but I stay because I have been given so much independence and trust. When you love what you do it shows, but when someone believes in you and gives you the resources and encouragement to improve then your job is not work but your passion. This company is very dynamic and through the excellent guidance of the managers we are able to continue to create new innovations keeping our work-life pretty interesting. I can say I am pretty happy working here.”

Andrew - Development

“The work is never boring and keeps me motivated and interested even 10 years on. When one mountain is conquered, there is the next challenge to take on. The strata industry will always be like this and working with such a dynamic company in this environment is exciting.”

Nathan – IT Infrastructure

“Nearly 10 years at StrataMax has seen a continual wave of change and innovation. Once we master something and develop innovative solutions, we look for new challenges. This keeps it interesting. The culture is also based around a family-friendly environment which is positive, relaxed and adaptable. The genuine care and concern of the Directors for their staff makes it pretty special and a pleasure to come to work each day.”

Kim - Administration


The people who work in a company can determine its success and how they are treated and the culture they experience will ensure their longevity. The Directors and Managers at StrataMax have created an environment where the staff are valued, respected, challenged, continually experience diversity and are given the opportunity to advance which means they genuinely love what they do.

Congratulations to all of the staff who have so far achieved these impressive milestones working at StrataMax. We know there will be many more anniversary milestones to come.


* 2014 McCrindle – Job Mobility in Australia McCrindle Research


Tuesday, December 13, 2016