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Hybrid Cloud Update

Voting, Meeting Management, Invoice Automation

Hybrid Cloud Update

StrataMax has extended its hybrid cloud solution; now introducing VoteMax, Meeting Hub, and Automated Processing for Invoices.

As StrataMax continues to lead the market in strata software it deploys technology in its hybrid cloud solution to deliver the best available user experience, convenience, and performance. The latest suite of features to be released embody this:

VoteMax – A browser based and device responsive solution for committee and owners to vote online. Read the latest update on VoteMax here.

Meeting Hub – A browser based meeting automation for the creation, management and document generation for meetings. Meeting Hub can seamlessly bring data and documents from local databases in office as well as produce full notices of meeting and meeting minutes in seconds. Meetings can be managed offsite via the browser through an easy to use device responsive interface.

Invoice Automation – Now completing the full end-to-end invoice solution; Invoice Automation provides OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for invoice scanning, and prepopulating data for processing. As a server-based application, this works with local network resources such as scanners and the broader StrataMax application for highly secure, high-performance processing of data. This then seamlessly integrates with the cloud-based StrataMax Invoice Hub solution for committee approvals. Read more about invoice automation here.

Almost all of these features are being rolled out through the second half of 2018, with OCR coming in Q1 2019.

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Friday, June 15, 2018