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Support Manager - Scott Julian

December 2015

Support Manager - Scott Julian

Scott Julian is the StrataMax Support Manager responsible for the day to day management of nine fulltime support professionals who deliver support and resolutions to the users of the StrataMax suite of software. Scott was initially introduced to technology in the 80s by his parents who decided to embrace this new wave of change. He then moved on to make this his career. From learning how to program, designing hardware and riding the enormous wave of the Internet in the mid 1990’s when he rolled out internet and email services to 4500 schools across Australia, Scott has been fully immersed in technology ever since and has embraced the challenges along the way.

As an individual Scott has been recognised for delivering quality customer service - receiving four consecutive General Manager Awards during his time at Telstra plus obtaining the prestigious Lucas Legend Award at Microsoft for management and resolution of a severity one SQL Server Cluster failure.

Today Scott’s role at StrataMax is multifaceted, from managing staff to problem solving and working with clients to find the best solutions to their technology challenges. Being surrounded by like-minded people who thrive on technology makes his day-to-day work both stimulating and totally enjoyable.

The following sums up Scott’s attitude and commitment to delivering exceptional customer service at StrataMax.  
The key to Scott’s success is that he remains focussed at all times on the objectives of our clients and his team.  Scott is talented and highly driven and has earned the respect of his colleagues, management and clients by consistently providing exemplary service.  Scott is committed to constantly reviewing and improving the operational effectiveness of the Support department.”

Dorian Borin – Managing Director, StrataMax

Scott has a firm belief that you need to be committed to delivering exemplary service, and he practices this on a daily basis. Scott actively promotes a culture which supports quality, rewards individuals and strives to continually improve.

Scott joined the MaxSoft family in February 2012 after spending 15 years with Telstra, Microsoft and Auscript managing technical teams and contracts for some of Australia’s largest organisations. These companies, teams and contracts allowed him to gain extensive management experience in delivering customer service to the highest levels.

Scott decided to join MaxSoft because he wanted to utilise his high level of expertise and people management while continuing to grow with a company which is driven, dynamic and embraces change. Scott has been at MaxSoft for four years now, and is delivering exceptional customer service which is not only timely but consistent. Under his leadership the StrataMax team have improved service response times considerably. This could only be achieved with the right people, culture and a drive to make it happen, a drive that is shared by Scott and the entire MaxSoft team.

We asked Scott what he believes to be the key points for leading and managing successful teams. Here’s what he had to say - Never be afraid to ask your customers what they think about the service you provide. Simply put, you can’t get better if you don’t know what to improve. At MaxSoft there is a feedback system called Hively which is included on every Support email sent to give customers the opportunity to supply feedback.

  • * Listen to your people. Have one-on-ones, talk, listen and get to know your staff because they are more than just numbers on seats.
    * Have goals. 
    * Never stop learning. 
    * Good enough, isn’t good enough.

At MaxSoft we support exceptional customer service and continually strive to build a culture of well-performing teams.

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Monday, December 14, 2015