StrataMax Online Voting

Meeting Hub and VoteMax 

Online voting in strata is becoming an essential capability demanded by owners. The ability to physically attend meetings is becoming less practical due to time restraints, work and family commitments and even physical location with so many owners living interstate or overseas.

StrataMax, Australia’s leading strata software company, has developed the next generation of meeting tools to empower owners and streamline the management of meetings.

This includes the Meeting Hub, for Strata Managers to carry out pre-meeting, in meeting and post meeting tasks all online. VoteMax is the owner interface where owners are able to log into a pre-meeting to vote on motions and elect committee members and have their vote count even if they are absent from the physical meeting.

Stage One of VoteMax and the Meeting Hub has been rolled out. This includes the following features:

  • cast your pre-meeting votes by logging on to the Owners Portal
  • view detailed information about each motion, access attachments and cast your votes from any device
  • update your vote at any time during the pre-meeting online voting window if logged in


Both the Meeting Hub and VoteMax are device responsive, presenting well on mobiles, tablets, notebooks and PCs.

As VoteMax sits within the secure StrataMax Owners Portal, there is no need for owners to create new accounts or verify their identity in a separate environment. Everything pertaining to their property can all be found in one convenient location in the StrataMax Owners Portal.