StrataMax Online Invoice Hub

The StrataMax Online Invoice Hub

Whether you are a committee member or a building manager it is only natural that you would like to reduce the time you spend on paperwork related to the maintenance and upkeep of a building - especially the time reviewing and authorising invoices.

What is the invoice hub?

Committee members no longer have to worry about where they put the file with all of those invoices to approve, how to easily query one, or remit paperwork. Now all of the information needed is at the fingertips of committee members and building managers, online and in a very easy-to-understand, organised fashion.

What the invoice hub allows you to do


Streamlines approval of invoices, saving everyone time.


Easy-to-track invoice approval history.

Viewing invoices 

View scanned invoices requiring action by you with a single click.


See invoices that have been fully authorised and authorise yourself.


The system safeguards against double payments of invoices.

The StrataMax Invoice Hub makes approval of invoices from committees and building managers quick and efficient saving time and worry.